All residents are supported to achieve greater independence and are encouraged to participate in the running of the Home. Residents will have their own bedroom and share facilities such as the lounge and kitchen with other residents in the home. Residents will be expected to take responsibility for cleaning their own bedrooms and share responsibility for cleaning the communal areas with the support of staff, as and when necessary. Residents will be supported in moving to more independent less intensively supported accommodation when this is agreed and arranged by the patient’s CMH Team. At times of acute crisis, it may be necessary to arrange for a resident to be admitted to hospital.

Responsibility of Residents

  • Residents at Haigos Group Homes are expected to respect the other residents and staff living and working in the home.
  • All shared facilities are to be left clean and tidy at all times.
  • Gross violent, horror and immoral viewing is not allowed in the communal lounge.
  • Borrowing of money and items from other residents is not allowed
  • Persistent display of anti-social behaviours such as physical and verbal aggression or damage to the home property will result in the service withdrawn. Prosecution of the perpetrator or other action taken against the perpetrator.
  • The use of drug, other illicit substances and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated on any of Haigos Group Homes premises.