Haigos Health and Social Care Services aims to deliver the highest standards of care for our clients provided by our motivated and dedicated staff. Exceptional client satisfaction is achieved by carefully matching healthcare provider expertise to clients’ tailor made needs.

Meeting Clinical Needs

Individual Care Needs

Escorts To Various Places


We are committed to make our clients feel safe under our care and to be satisfied with our service. Our flexibility and openness to suggestions and propositions help us to provide an effective and reliable service. We utilise various tools for satisfaction surveys such as audits, self-assessment boxes and outside auditors for quality assurance.

We ensure that confidentiality and the rights of individuals are promoted and protected in line with Data Protection Act 2005.

Complaints are promptly acted upon in accordance with our complaints procedure.

Positive and negative feedback are welcome to help us to learn from our mistakes and to recognise our success and therefore aim for higher achievements.

Our operational policies are informed by the legislations laid down by the CQC, NMC and other legislative bodies..